#StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦

My home country is on fire. Russia brutally and illegally invaded Ukraine on Feb 24, 2022. Russian missiles and artillery have been destroying civil (schools, hospitals, residential buildings) and energy infrastructure across peaceful Ukrainian cities, including my home town of Kharkiv, killing thousands and destroying the lives of millions.  

If you wish to support Ukraine and its people, please see my post on Medium with a list of local charity organizations.

Thank you! ♥

To fellow Economics students, PhDs and researchers: please consider purchasing an e-book 'Thriving in Economics', with my contributions, in exchange for donations towards Ukraine and its people by #Econ4Ua. 

I am a policy economist and a PhD in Economics candidate at the University of Groningen, Netherlands. 

I am passionate about data-driven academic research and its applications in policy-making.

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Check my academic and policy research and media activities (columns, radio shows, podcasts, TV) on this website. I  occasionally blog for Inomics and write on Medium about craft beer, art & good books.  

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